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Rob White 80817c8d59 mesh11sd: Release v1.1.1 2 days ago
.github ci: use openwrt/gh-action-sdk@v4 2 months ago
ahcpd ahcpd: use SHA256 hash and use HTTPS everywhere 2 years ago
alfred alfred: update to version 2022.1 2 weeks ago
babel-pinger treewide: Basic cleanup and alignment to package guidelines (#383) 4 years ago
babeld babeld: rewrite description 4 days ago
batctl batctl: update to version 2022.1 2 weeks ago
batman-adv batman-adv: Fix build with kernel 5.15.38 2 weeks ago
batmand batmand: Refresh patches with quilt 3 months ago
bird1 bird1: fix compilation with GCC 10 2 years ago
bird1-openwrt bird: Rename to bird1 and bump to v1.6.4 4 years ago
bird2 bird2: stop service early 4 weeks ago
bmx6 bmx6: update to 65cb0d542f16a4b4689f5ad2542c9f24215a6616 3 months ago
bmx7 bmx7: fix compilation with uClibc-ng 2 years ago
cjdns cjdns: pass for some build warnings (#738) 7 months ago
hnetd hnetd: update to latest commit 1 year ago
luci-app-bmx6 luci-app-bmx6: fixes error line in logread #578 2 years ago
luci-app-cjdns luci-app-cjdns: Add rpcd acl file (#576) 2 years ago
mcproxy mcproxy: Makefile cleanup 3 months ago
mesh11sd mesh11sd: Release v1.1.1 2 days ago
minimalist-pcproxy minimalist-pcproxy: fix post install script 3 months ago
naywatch naywatch: fix reboot_now 2 months ago
ndppd ndppd: remove uClibc++ support 1 year ago
nodogsplash nodogsplash: fix SPDX License Identifier and reordering 3 months ago
ohybridproxy ohybridproxy: revert to default log level 6 months ago
olsrd olsrd: set lqm via ipc 2 months ago
oonf-dlep-proxy oonf-dlep-proxy: fix compilation with Ninja 11 months ago
oonf-dlep-radio oonf-dlep-radio: refactor define Package/oonf-dlep-radio 3 months ago
oonf-init-scripts fix quoting of daemon name 6 years ago
oonf-olsrd2 oonf-olsrd2: set PKG_MIRROR_HASH and refresh patch 11 months ago
opennds opennds: remove iptables-legacy CONFLICTS 1 month ago
pimbd pimbd: Makefile refactor 3 months ago
prince prince: Makefile refactoring 3 months ago
quagga quagga: reorder things in Makefile 3 months ago
vis vis: update it, refactor Makefile and refresh patch due to fuzz 3 months ago
MAINTAINERS MAINTAINERS: updated email addresses 5 years ago README: update content and use Markdown 12 months ago

OpenWrt Routing Feed


This OpenWrt package feed contains community maintained routing packages.


This repository is intended to be layered on-top of an OpenWrt buildroot. If you do not have an OpenWrt buildroot installed, see the documentation at: OpenWrt Buildroot – Installation on the OpenWrt support site.

This feed is enabled by default. To install all its package definitions, run:

./scripts/feeds update routing
./scripts/feeds install -a -p routing