26071 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Marius Dinu 380374b228 tvheadend: update to git master 2021-11-16, package cleanup, more options 3 weeks ago
Josef Schlehofer 10ab230670 knot-resolver: update to version 5.4.3 19 hours ago
Othmar Truniger f2f4649783 knxd: bump to upstream version 0.14.52 14 hours ago
Michael Heimpold e47850a569
Merge pull request #17271 from mhei/php81-update 22 hours ago
Moritz Warning b9aebd8cdc zerotier: update to 1.8.4 1 day ago
Oskari Rauta 61143fc8b9 cni-route-override: new package 1 week ago
Michael Heimpold 9dd0bbf0a6 php8: update to 8.1.0 3 days ago
Florian Eckert 09ac45ad50
Merge pull request #17262 from TDT-AG/pr/20211203-minicom 2 days ago
John Audia 3b041e3b45 htop: update to 3.1.2-1 5 days ago
Aleksander Jan Bajkowski 740189d6b3 coremark: add myself as maintainer 3 days ago
Aleksander Jan Bajkowski 80840ac66d coremark: bump to 2021-11-17 3 weeks ago
Oskari Rauta 053bc23573 speedtestpp: add new package 2 days ago
Tianling Shen 0f46facfdb yq: Update to 4.16.1 2 days ago
Oskari Rauta 00603ca437 slirp4netns: update to version 1.1.12 2 days ago
Michael Heimpold 129b4159a8
Merge pull request #17251 from flyn-org/php7-pecl-sodium 4 days ago
Josef Schlehofer 173faad334 msmtp: update to version 1 week ago
Florian Eckert b2408a0d4b minicom: remove PKG_FIXUP:autoreconf 2 weeks ago
Dirk Brenken 4be2a5b737
Merge pull request #17137 from oskarirauta/banip 5 days ago
Oskari Rauta 1441366364 banip: update nginx matching 3 weeks ago
Olivier Poitrey 189a806293 nextdns: Update to version 1.37.7 5 days ago
Olivier Poitrey f94b7380a5 nextdns: Update to version 1.37.6 6 days ago
W. Michael Petullo cbe9f26dc6 php7-pecl-sodium: add new package 6 days ago
Tianling Shen 04b82e9da0 cloudreve: Update to 3.4.2 6 days ago
Oskari Rauta 91c7f6e6c0 slirp4netns: new package 2 weeks ago
Jo-Philipp Wich bdfea497ba
Merge pull request #17247 from jow-/zerotier-reload-trigger 6 days ago
Oskari Rauta 5b5873de74 libslirp: new package 2 weeks ago
Jo-Philipp Wich 04d0e45da1 zerotier: add configuration reload trigger 7 days ago
Alexandru Ardelean 1c42744a52
Merge pull request #17243 from cotequeiroz/rcssmin 7 days ago
Eneas U de Queiroz c7766f0b95
python-rcssmin: bump to version 1.1.0 1 week ago
Stan Grishin 93d2cfa732
Merge pull request #17242 from rs/nextdns-1.37.5-master 1 week ago
Olivier Poitrey a2e26b101f nextdns: Update to version 1.37.5 1 week ago
Martijn Atema aa820a2cae ddns-scripts: Add script for TransIP.nl 3 weeks ago
Peter Gransdorfer c0296bf25d ddns-scripts: use HTTPS for spdyn 1 month ago
Florian Eckert 7a787760ac
Merge pull request #17228 from giannoug/fix-do 1 week ago
Alexandru Ardelean add867a001
Merge pull request #17206 from cotequeiroz/seafile-broken 1 week ago
George Giannou 49defda70c ddns-scripts: Fix DigitalOcean JSON payload 1 week ago
Oskari Rauta aa150031b9 fatresize: add new package 2 weeks ago
Michal Hrusecky 2295c351ed mariadb: Create compatibility symlinks 1 month ago
Michal Hrusecky 4653d83048 mariadb: Install all supporting sql files 1 month ago
Michal Hrusecky a2c1a57282 mariadb: Tweak default configuration 1 month ago
Michal Hrusecky 1be35284bb mariadb: Init script improvements 1 month ago
Michal Hrusecky d8ecded02d mariadb-common: Drop package and adjust configuration 1 month ago
Oskari Rauta 537b6bd87b conmon: remove unnecessary dependency 2 weeks ago
Sven Eckelmann 8340b842f5 ovpn-dco: Avoid building against musl headers 2 weeks ago
Javier Marcet acb795c626 python-dotenv: update to v0.19.2 1 week ago
Javier Marcet c453c42bf8 docker-compose: Update to version 2.2.0 1 week ago
Matt Merhar 49fb58e4bc perl-try-tiny: update to 0.31 2 weeks ago
Georgi Valkov 4af04cdc05 ksmbd-tools: Fix ksmbd service is semi-killed at system startup 1 week ago
Tianling Shen 06db04ba63 cloudreve: Update to 3.4.1 2 weeks ago
Eneas U de Queiroz 9d97f4ba14
treewide: mark django1 and dependents BROKEN 2 weeks ago