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This module adds a respondd airtime usage statistics provider. The format is the following:

  "statistics": {
    "wireless": [
        "frequency": 5220,
        "active": 366561161,
        "busy": 46496566,
        "rx": 808415,
        "tx": 41711344,
        "noise": 162,
        "phy": 1
        "frequency": 2437,
        "active": 366649704,
        "busy": 205221222,
        "rx": 108121446,
        "tx": 85453679,
        "noise": 161,
        "phy": 0

The numbers active, busy, rx and tx are times in milliseconds, where busy, rx and tx have to be interpreted by taking the quotient with active. phy is the index of the radio in the mac80211 subsystem.

The motivation for having a list with the frequency as a value in the objects instead of having an object with the frequency as keys is that multiple wifi devices might be present, in which case the same frequency can appear multiple times (because the statistics are reported once for every phy).

The field phy is added to distinguish multiple radios in the same band. It is not the key of mapped data due to backwards compatibility.