1188 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Adrian Schmutzler 31df0a3779 packages/fff: remove whitespace from package TITLE 4 months ago
  Felix Luber 2484d8defb README.md: explain more commands from buildscript 4 months ago
  Felix Luber 87c420c4a0 README.md: remove unnecessary empty lines 4 months ago
  Felix Luber 939950a881 README.md: change git url to new gitea host 4 months ago
  Christian Dresel da50954db7 fff-web: Make ssl menu modular 4 months ago
  Adrian Schmutzler d4e6482b60 fff-web: remove included files from HTTP-accessible folder 4 months ago
  Adrian Schmutzler 8fe7512ae5 ramips/mt76x8: Add support for TP-Link Archer C50 v4 4 months ago
  Adrian Schmutzler 87d875cd94 build_patches: add fix for 2.4 GHz on Archer C50 v4 4 months ago
  Adrian Schmutzler b5b0557f13 OpenWrt: bump to 19.07.5 4 months ago
  Fabian Bläse 52e15e072c fff-firewall: Remove ssh firewall on WAN interface 8 months ago
  Fabian Bläse c91e2d03ec fff-gateway: Send ICMP errors using inbound ifaddr 8 months ago
  Adrian Schmutzler 24be8ecdda fff-network: fix unintended wan=eth1 for two-port devices 8 months ago
  Adrian Schmutzler 30c3b46127 fff-network: fix broken statement in configurenetwork 8 months ago
  Fabian Bläse cbf22d8eca fff-gateway: Add tc and bmon 8 months ago
  Fabian Eppig 1cae99d5d5 ath79/generic: add support for TP-Link WR710N v1 8 months ago
  Adrian Schmutzler f5872dd84b fff-hoods: fix/simplify condition in configurehood 8 months ago
  Adrian Schmutzler a157f413d4 fff-hoods: let sha256sum read file directly 8 months ago
  Fabian Bläse b5563caa23 fff-network: Improve IPv6 WAN connectivity 8 months ago
  Fabian Bläse c23c98b2cb fff-hoods: create hoodfile AP earlier 11 months ago
  Fabian Bläse 0264cc48b3 fff-hoods: Improve hoodfile gathering logic 8 months ago
  Adrian Schmutzler 065a6ac354 build_patches: add support for TP-Link CPE210 v3.20 9 months ago
  Adrian Schmutzler 2e3da1556c build_patches: add updates for vxlan support 9 months ago
  Fabian Bläse ce4146cf4a mt7621: Add support for Netgear R6220 9 months ago
  Fabian Bläse b886c938dc fff-gateway: Add mtr package 9 months ago
  Fabian Bläse 906add6efa README: Adjust some build instructions for recent changes to our firmware 9 months ago
  Adrian Schmutzler de8f99005c fff-hoods/fff-web: create link to hood file in fff-hoods 1 year ago
  Fabian Bläse 1faaec432a fff-network: Group network files by arch, not by target 10 months ago
  Adrian Schmutzler 1cf4d762ff treewide: move devices from ar71xx to ath79 11 months ago
  Fabian Bläse 823bcd774a build_patches: backport fix for squashfs build with gcc 10 10 months ago
  Fabian Bläse 328beebe32 fff-wireguard: Use babel type wired for wireguard babel peers 10 months ago
  Fabian Bläse 9d000c96e0 alfred-proxy: Make curl silent 10 months ago
  Fabian Bläse 5cd46fb17b fff-hoods: Remove hardcoded IPv4 address and foreign domain 11 months ago
  Adrian Schmutzler 225116dfd2 OpenWrt: bump to 19.07.3 11 months ago
  Fabian Bläse 65f2af1ced fff-hoods: Add missing dependencies 11 months ago
  Adrian Schmutzler d237fe5598 fff-timeserver: remove -q from uci and drop unused library source 1 year ago
  Adrian Schmutzler 5e4339e954 fff-alfred-proxy: remove uci -q and execute bit for uci-defaults 1 year ago
  Adrian Schmutzler 7a54c56531 fff-gateway: Use return for errors in config version check 1 year ago
  Adrian Schmutzler 6d91d805a7 fff-gateway: improve order of commands for config version check 1 year ago
  Adrian Schmutzler 4791c24608 fff-gateway: explicitly return status code 0 for version check 1 year ago
  Adrian Schmutzler 2f9e5f4af1 fff-gateway: provide specific error if config version is not set 1 year ago
  Adrian Schmutzler f8ced0cc04 fff-gateway: suppress unwanted error for config existance check 1 year ago
  Fabian Bläse f7c5f949f7 ath10k: Increase buffer to fix >1500 MTU frames 11 months ago
  Fabian Bläse eac8292dba fff-macnock: update to latest revision 1 year ago
  Adrian Schmutzler d649151399 fff-network: set correct CPUPORT for new mt76x8 devices 1 year ago
  Fabian Bläse b9fe20c8e7 fff-macnock: Update to latest revision 1 year ago
  Adrian Schmutzler 173ce577ae fff-macnock: clean up package variables 1 year ago
  Adrian Schmutzler 776cfe9f86 treewide: add "exit 0" for uci-defaults files 1 year ago
  Adrian Schmutzler 961c4da648 packages/micrond: show stdout and stderr in log 1 year ago
  Adrian Schmutzler da6013ec97 fff-simple-tc: provide status via nodewatcher 1 year ago
  Fabian Bläse ed73e00588 babeld: Update babeld to 1.9.2 1 year ago