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$TTL 3600 3600 IN SOA 2020120601 3600 1800 604800 600
; root zone
@ IN A
@ IN AAAA 2a01:4f8:a1:1223::20
communitynas IN A
erl-3 IN A
erl-3 IN AAAA fd43:5602:29bd:ffff::41
er-martbler-gw IN A
er-martbler-gw IN AAAA 2a06:e881:340a:a0a0::1
er-martbler-gw IN AAAA fd43:5602:29bd:33:0:6466:b3de:edfc
er-martbler-lbe IN A
er-martbler-lbe IN AAAA 2a06:e881:340a:a0a0::2
er-stadtmuseum-gw IN A
er-stadtmuseum-gw IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:b5:de02::1
er-stadtmuseum-gw IN AAAA fd43:5602:29bd:96:0:8416:f99b:a5da
er-wassermann-gw IN A
er-wassermann-gw IN AAAA 2a06:e881:340a:a0a5::1
er-wassermann-gw IN AAAA fd43:5602:29bd:59:0:f4f2:6d85:aa60
er-hugo-gw IN A
er-hugo-gw IN AAAA 2a06:e881:340a:a0a4::1
er-hugo-gw IN AAAA fd43:5602:29bd:75::f81a:675a:70f0
er-hugo-lbe IN A
er-hugo-lbe IN AAAA 2a06:e881:340a:a0a4::2
er-kolbe-gw IN A
er-kolbe-gw IN AAAA 2a06:e881:340a:a0a2::2
er-kolbe-gw IN AAAA fd43:5602:29bd:a5:0:a42b:b0ad:a07e
er-kolbe-erx IN A
er-kolbe-erx IN AAAA 2a06:e881:340a:a0a2::2
er-nsk-gw IN A
er-nsk-gw IN AAAA 2a06:e881:340a:9f02::1
er-nsk-gw IN AAAA fd43:5602:29bd:1d::1
er-nsk-platz-gw IN A
er-nsk-platz-gw IN AAAA 2a06:e881:340a:a0a3::1
er-nsk-platz-gw IN AAAA fd43:5602:29bd:a6:0:b4fb:e450:d2d7
er-omega-gw IN A
er-omega-gw IN AAAA 2a06:e881:340a:a0a7::1
er-omega-gw IN AAAA fd43:5602:29bd:6a::1
er-b11-gw IN A
er-b11-gw IN AAAA 2a06:e881:340a:a0a9::1
er-b11-gw IN AAAA fd43:5602:29bd:6d::1
er-b11-ww-balkon IN A
er-b11-ww-dachterasse IN A
er-b11-sw0 IN A
fff-raspi.fablabnbg IN A
fff-switch-mast.fablabnbg IN A
fe540068ebc4 300 IN AAAA fd43:5602:29bd:ffff::23
fff-adrian-dns IN A
fff-adrian-dns IN AAAA fd43:5602:29bd:ffff::62
fff-adrian-gw1 IN A
fff-adrian-gw1 IN AAAA fd43:5602:29bd:ffff::64
fff-adrian-update IN A
fff-adrian-update IN AAAA fd43:5602:29bd:ffff::63
fff-adrian-wg IN A
fff-adrian-wg IN AAAA fd43:5602:29bd:ffff::61
fff-fra1 IN A
fff-gw-aquarius IN CNAME
fff-gw-cd1 IN A
fff-gw-cdhome IN A
fff-gw-cdhome IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:cd:cd1::1
fff-gw-ercm IN A
herpf IN NS fff-gw-herpf01 ; Reverse:
fff-gw-herpf01 IN A
fff-gw-herpf01 IN A
fff-gw-herpf01 IN AAAA fd43:5602:29bd:62::1
fff-gw-herpf01 IN AAAA 2a03:4000:2:b9a::1
fff-gw-herpf02 IN A
fff-gw-herpf02 IN AAAA fd43:5602:29bd:62::2
fff-gw-hh IN A
fff-gw-hh IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:c8:2c::1
fff-gw-knobl IN A
fff-gw-knobl IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:cd:cd2::1
fff-gw-m1 IN A
fff-gw-m1 IN AAAA 2a03:4000:6:b083::1
fff-gw-m2 IN A
fff-gw-m3 IN A
fff-gw-m4 IN A
fff-gw-mc IN A
fff-gw-mc IN AAAA 2a01:4f8:1c1c:d7b0::1
fff-gw-mt1 IN A
fff-gw-mt2 IN A
fff-gw-mw IN A
fff-gw-mw IN AAAA 2a06:e881:340a:6::1
fff-gw-reddog1 IN A
fff-gw-reddog1 IN AAAA 2a01:4f8:162:1369::f3:88
fff-gw-reddog2 IN A
fff-gw-reddog2 IN AAAA 2a02:180:6:1::132
fff-gw-reddog3 IN A
fff-gw-reddog3 IN AAAA 2a01:4a0:4b::5
fff-gw-th IN A
fff-gw-th IN AAAA 2a06:e881:340a:5::1
fff-gw-wue IN A
fff-gw-wue IN A
fff-gw-wue IN A
fff-gw-wue3 IN A
fff-icvpn IN A
fff-icvpn IN AAAA 2a01:4f8:162:1369::f3:90
dnsprim IN A
dnsprim IN AAAA 2a01:4f8:221:2d08::101
fff-monitoring IN A
fff-monitoring IN AAAA 2a01:4f8:162:1369::f3:89
fff-nue2 IN A
fff-nue2 IN MX 10
fff-nue2 IN AAAA 2a01:4a0:1338:1e::2
fff-nue2-gw1 IN A
fff-nue2-gw1 IN MX 10
fff-nue2-gw1 IN AAAA 2a01:4a0:4b::2
fff-nue2-gw2 IN A
fff-nue2-gw2 IN MX 10
fff-nue2-gw2 IN AAAA 2a01:4a0:4b::3
fff-nue2-gw3 IN A
fff-nue2-gw3 IN AAAA 2a01:4a0:4b::4
fff-nue2-gw4 IN A
fff-nue2-gw4 IN AAAA 2a01:4a0:4b::5
fff-nue2-gw5 IN A
fff-nue2-gw5 IN AAAA 2a01:4a0:4b::6
fff-skp01 IN A
fff-skp01 IN AAAA 2a01:4f8:c2c:8d2::1
fff-uranus IN A
fff-uranus IN AAAA 2a01:4f8:221:2d08::201
fff-zeus IN AAAA 2a01:4f8:160:14d5:a04b:0:7a65:7573
fln IN A
fln IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:b9:ffff::1
hgk IN A
hgk IN AAAA 2a06:e881:340a:2::1
hugo IN A
hugo IN AAAA 2a06:e881:340a:3::1
icvpn IN A
icvpn IN AAAA 2a01:4f8:150:6310::22
localnode IN AAAA fdff::1
matrix IN CNAME
mayo-test IN A
monitoring IN A
node IN NS
ns.node IN A
r0reddog IN A
r0stpaul IN A
r0stpaul IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:c8:61::1
monitoring.reddog IN A
rl-fff1 IN A
rl-fff1 IN AAAA 2a01:4f8:1c0c:70c4::2
sip IN A
staufen IN A
stwunibald IN A
stwunibald IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:cd::1
ap-foyer.wuni IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:cd:0:278:88ff:fe91:96dc
ap-maxiclub.wuni IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:cd:0:2f2:8bff:fe77:c0f4
ap-kirche-vorne.wuni IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:cd:0:2f2:8bff:fe77:b58c
ap-kirche-hinten.wuni IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:cd:0:2f2:8bff:fe4d:7d10
ap-saal.wuni IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:cd:0:2ed0:2dff:fe7c:238
tbj IN A
tbj IN AAAA 2a06:e881:340a:ff02::1
werk1 IN A
werk1 IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:0:e1::1
wikiclon IN A
tor.zbau IN A
tor.zbau IN A
tor.zbau IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:16c:1::1
tor.zbau IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:16c:2::1
zerobin IN CNAME
christest IN A
christest IN AAAA fd42:2950:203:fff::1
fff-gw-mil01 IN A
fff-gw-mil01 IN AAAA fd43:5602:29bd:63::1
fff-gw-mil01 IN AAAA fd43:5602:29bd:7d::f
fff-gw-mil01 IN AAAA fd43:5602:29bd:ffff::38
fff-gw-mil01 IN AAAA 2a01:4f8:c2c:da93:e987:3865:8c54:3b9e
fff-jupiter IN CNAME
meet IN A
meet IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:1b4:5::1
*.meet IN A
*.meet IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:1b4:5::1 IN A IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:1b4:5::1 IN A IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:1b4:5::1 IN A IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:1b4:5::1 IN A IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:1b4:5::1 IN A IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:1b4:5::1 IN A IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:1b4:5::1 IN A IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:1b4:5::1
meet-control IN A
anycast-dns IN AAAA fd43:5602:29bd:ffff:1:1:1:1
; .gw zone IN AAAA 2a01:4f8:a1:1223::ff1 IN A IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:c8:4f::1 IN A IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:c8:d8::1 IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN AAAA fd43:5602:29bd:ffff::28 IN A IN AAAA fd43:5602:29bd:ffff::29 IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN CNAME IN A IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:c8:2c::1 IN A IN A IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:c8:7a::1 IN A IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:c8:6d::1 IN A IN A IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:c8:73::1 IN A IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:c8:a1::1
ap1.hms IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:c8:a1:ea94:f6ff:fe06:1fd8 IN A IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:c8:74::1 IN AAAA 2a04:5b81:1fff::c0ff:fe7d:203f IN A IN A IN A IN A IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:fd::1 IN AAAA 2a0b:f4c0:fd:f001::1
ipfsgateway01 IN AAAA 2a0c:b642:1030:3467::1